Kindly provided by parents/guardians,

  • Emotional development is something that my son has struggled with, but he has made great improvements. The staff at Linden house have been extremely supportive in helping him understanding emotions and using targeted activities to aid him. I think the staff are very good at getting to know each child as an individual and finding out their strengths and weaknesses, this allows them to find areas to develop easily. They are very supportive and the daily feedback when picking up the child as well as Tapestry updates are excellent. My son has progressed immensely whilst at Linden House and I am verry happy with the care and support provided by all staff over the years. It is a great nursery where you can be assured that your child is safe, happy and progressing well. K Adekunle August 2023

    K Adekunle - August 2023
  • To all my friends at Linden House Nursery, thank you all so much for being my friends for the last 2 years. I have enjoyed every minute of being here, learning, growing and playing together. I go home every day with a huge smile on my face because of all the fun we have had. My favourite times were the days we dressed as our favourited book characters for World Book day, our Christmas Carol Concert and the times we did face painting.

    C Taylor (child) - 2023
  • Thank you for everything you all do a fab job. You've all helped me grow and develop into a young girl.

    E Lowe (child) - 2023
  • Thank you all for being a part of Emily's journey. Since starting at Linden House her confidence has just grown. We cannot thank you enough for all that you do. Linden House is such a great nursery.

    The Brodies - 2023
  • Thank you for going above and beyond and caring for our child like you would your own. Thank you for all the wiped tears, thank you for all the smiles and cuddles. You've created a lot of wonderful childhood memories.

    Nela and Family - August 2023
  • Both of my children have attended Linden House and each time the staff have all been amazing. The children have felt comfortable and loved. Communication was excellent, all staff are aware of all the children and provide that personable care. I cannot recommend Linden House enough. Thanks Linden House!

    R Tiffin - August 2023
  • Highly recommend Linden House Nursery. Having a bilingual child comes with additional challenges, but the staff done just great. My son was always happy and safe. Additionally the communication between nursery and parents is a real strength.

    K Ksiezopolska - August 2023
  • Linden House is a real home from home and staff ensure that culture is carried through in the day to day running of the nursery- Logan has developed well emotionally, made friends and overall progressed developmentally.

    T Lewis - August 2023
  • Nursery staff are excellent, attentive, professional and informative. The nursery is ideal for both working parents and I have no regrets sending my child to Linden House Nursery.

    M Aras - August 2023
  • Nice people working around Nela.

    B Pienczykpwsk - August 2023
  • Linden House is amazing!

    L Adams August - 2023
  • Caleb has really enjoyed his time at Linden House and talks fondly of all the staff. They really care for him and we will all miss everyone a lot.

    D Taylor - August 2023
  • Thank you for everything you have done for Scarlett. Our experience with you all has been fabulous.

    The Forni's- August 2023
  • Heidi has really enjoyed her time with you all, her confidence has grown, her social skills have improved and her learning is coming along brilliantly. We are so happy with the progress she's made. Heidi has always felt safe at nursery -despite the tears sometimes! We always felt reassured that she was being looked after by you all. Thank you for all the time, support and love you have given her. We are so grateful that she has had such a wonderful start.

    Francis W - August 2023
  • Great Nursery with fantastic staff, would 100% recommend. I was kept well informed and saw a vast difference in how he interacts with other children.

    A Ledwidge - October 2022
  • We could not have wished for a better place for our son to be nurtured and developed.

    C Bradley - October 2022
  • Linden House has been awesome in supporting Nigel with his development and helping him gain his confidence, they demonstrate real patience and inclusivity

    A Owusu - October 2022
  • I cant thank everyone at Linden House enough for supporting and teaching my son. They have gone above and beyond ensuring that he meets his social and emotional developmental targets and supporting his transition to school. The staff have created such a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the daily updates and communication is great and there is so much love and support for the children and parents. He will really miss everyone at Linden House.

    E Griffin - July 2022
  • From day one all the staff have been amazing and we couldn't be happier with how our son has done at Linden House, its a loving, caring and friendly environment. We are confident our daughter will have an amazing time here too.

    K McNeillis - July 2022
  • I am over the moon with the nursery it has been amazing, staff go above and beyond and makes your child feel like this is their second home.

    J Matthews - July 2022
  • Our little one enjoyed every single day at the nursery he was always excited and happy to be in, they work very close with the kids, took good care of David and it feels like a big family.

    Gabriel S - April 2022
  • I would recommend Linden House to everyone – all three of my children have been here and have made such progress in their learning that I couldn’t fault them one bit

    Paige - March 2022
  • I just wanted to pass on a big thank you to the Linden House team. I am so delighted we chose to send Harry to Linden House once a week and he has really loved it. Sarah in particular as his key worker has been so amazing and informative and really put our minds at ease during his first few sessions! It’s such a lovely place and your staff are a real credit. Thanks again from both Daniel and I, just wanted to share how grateful we are.

    R Godfrey- March 2022
  • Freya has loved her time at Linden House, she has developed so much over the past 3 years and this is no doubt due to the amazing love provided at the nursery.

    Shaun - September 2021
  • From the moment we entered Linden House Nursery, we knew that it was where we wanted our son to attend. The staff have an incredibly friendly and personal approach to each and every child, with a great communication system in place to tell us their wow moments, accompanied with photos and videos. My son has definitely developed in his social skills and confidence, as well as physical and academic learning within a safe and supportive environment. We cannot thank Linden House Nursery enough, and our daughter also now attends as we couldn’t imagine her going anywhere else.

    M Forni - August 2021
  • Linden House is a home away from home. The team provide genuine care for the children who develop in a loving, safe and nurturing environment.

    Laura L - August 2021
  • Fantastic nursery with such dedicated and hard working staff who nurture and care for your child every step of the way. Communication every day is great I have seen so many improvements with children’s development over the years.

    Vicki - August 2021
  • Linden House has looked after all 3 of my boys. It is a great setting with a lovely supportive team.

    Frances - July 2021
  • Its quite a small area and intimate which means all children and staff mix and create relationships.

  • Linden House has been a second home for Alice, the staff have always been so approachable and caring. I trust them completely. Alice has been given the freedom and structure needed to grow. I would love to relive these years and if I could I wouldn’t change a thing.

    Sarah Collis
  • Very loving, fun, stimulating, and safe environment making children independent and able. Brilliant staff & nursery.

    Maria carew
  • Ladies, you’ve been lovely, always helping and listening and taking care of my son. We will recommend you to all of our friends

    Cristina Sept (2020)
  • The nursery strengths: kind, caring and their communication skills and the learning and development opportunities provided

    Jodie (2020)
  • Warm, nurturing environment and cosy setting. Good communication through both tapestry and home diaries

    Katie March (2020)
  • Excellent nursery, staff are amazing!

    Louise (September 2020)
  • I cannot thank Linden House enough for the care they have provided to my child. They have been fantastic, my daughter goes in every ay with a smile on her face an I am able to go to work knowing my child is happy. Communicating with parents and working with parents to set next step goals for children that are individual to them is a particular strength. The girls go above and beyond any expectations, Thank you.

    Lucy T (September 2020)
  • Linden house is a very special place that nurtures the children in a loving environment. The staff form close bonds with the children and meet their individual needs, whilst preparing them for the next step. Our child has absolutely loved her time at Linden House and we are so grateful for the fantastic start they have provided.

    Frances W November 2019
  • Amy-Lea has come on leaps and bounds and this nursery is a place I would recommend

    Tracy vaugh
  • All the ladies are a credit and make the nursery what it is... fantastic. Keep doing what your doing what your doing. Thanks ladies xx

    Jasmin aktins
  • Louis has improved massively in the short time he was at Linden House and that's all thanks to the staff, everyone is so kind and helpful.

    J Kennedy
  • Nursery strengths are very good staff that work well together , which my children have benefited from.

  • All three of my boys have attended Linden House over the past 6 years and we have been extremely happy with the care that Linden House have provided. All 3 have only had 1 day at nursery and had difficulty separating however staff have always comforted them and helped them become more independent. They benefited immensely from the social interaction with other children and staff at nursery. The staff are lovely and have always made my children feel secure and well looked after. My older children used to love the dance lessons and I looked forward to seeing the staff when I dropped off and picked up. I would thoroughly recommend this nursery.

    Frances Gregory
  • I would not hesitate to recommend Linden house & it’s staff. My son loved his time there and he learnt so much. The staff are all fantastic & make sure that they all know what is happening with your child even if they are not dealing with them directly, they are friendly & encouraging but firm when they need to be. I will miss them just as much as my son I think!

    Ruth Tiffin
  • Caring , friendly and welcoming

  • Nursery strengths are very good staff that work well together , which my children have benefited from.

  • Staff are fantastic!

  • It's a good place to make friends and everybody is always nice

    Emily Griffiths - Age 7
  • Louis has improved massively in the short time he was at Linden House and that's all thanks to the staff, everyone is so kind and helpful.

    J Kennedy 7/9/18
  • Florence has had a wonderful time at nursery, she has grown into a funny, sociable and happy young lady. The strength of the nursery is the individual assessment process highlighting what she needs to learn

    Roxanne - 2019
  • I am pleased that I chose this nursery they have welcomed my daughter so gracefully, I would definitely recommend. The Tapestry is the best thing about the nursery also.

    Tamara - June 2019
  • Entrusting your children to the care of someone else is a huge step. I've never doubted the staff or level of care at Linden House. They're a fantastic team, they're caring and supportive and we will miss seeing them.

    Victoria Costello
  • I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Linden House. Phoebe has been in every room and loved it! Equally love all the staff they are enthusiastic with all the children and have a genuine passion for encouraging them to develop.

    Nicola Conway
  • Linden House are a very caring nursery and immediately gave me the reassurance and confidence that I needed to return to work when my son was 10 months old. My son has excelled in his development and is a happy & confident boy which I can't thank the staff enough for as I truly believe that they have played a key-part in this. A huge thank you to all staff.

    Nicky Cove
  • Very loving, fun, stimulating, and safe environment making children independent and able. Brilliant staff & nursery.

    Maria carew
  • Linden House is a caring and nurturing environment for any child. From personal experience of having two children begin their childcare experiences here I have benefited from the welcoming and flexible attitudes of staff in the baby room who make both the baby and parent feel at ease during the transition. Both children have developed incredibly during their time in toddler room conversationally, physically and emotionally becoming independent, creative and confident due to the variety of play and encouraging staff. Linden House have especially worked well transitional times such as welcoming a new sibling or starting school working with me and my child to help them adapt. When I receive comments on my children's behaviour such as "they drink well from a cup" or "they tidy up nicely" I often say their second parents Linden House taught them that. The staff have been brilliant in helping me and my children cope with the busy and demanding role of a a working parent and I would highly recommend them. I am sad one has left!

  • Thank you so much for four and a half lovely years of keeping my children safe and making us parents feel safe and comfortable leaving them! You have given them such a great start and watching them develop has been lovely! The unsurmountable support has been amazing and it's with a really heavy heart that we have to leave sooner than we had hoped. I hope one day they can come in the summer as I will always need childcare! I will ring first!! You really have a truly special setting and I really hope you continue to be as successful in the future! Thank you to the most amazing and supportive staff!

    Love all the baulks
  • Both my son and daughter spent a considerable amount of time at linden house nursery. The fun, family environment always had them excited in the morning and they always had plenty to tell me about when they finished their day! The staff were always happy to evidence the things they were teaching and I was always fully confident whilst at work, that my children were practically home from home in a clean and comfortable setting. The staff all have wonderful relationships with the children as well as the parents. When my son began school, I regrettably had to move my daughter from linden house but every time we drive past, they still get excited to point out the 'red door' of their old nursery!

    K Vardy
  • Linden house has been a great childcare provider for us and our children. Great staff, friendly family like atmosphere. My daughter enjoyed going there & met lovely friends. Linden House gave us great peace of mind and we always knew that our child was well looked after there. Great development and fun in one! Highly Recommend. Best in DUNSTABLE

    Anne buczek
  • All the ladies are a credit and make the nursery what it is... fantastic. Keep doing what your doing what your doing. Thanks ladies xx

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