We recognise that,

All children are unique.

At Linden House we recognise that all children are unique, and that a blend of their genes and early year's experiences means that all children have their own learning style. Adhering rigidly to one child development theory, practice or methodology will benefit some and disadvantage others. So, we draw inspiration from many: Montessori, Reggio Emila, The Froebel Approach, Freud etc. However we recognise that what children need most is love and care from a responsive Key Person who recognises their child's changing needs and alters their interactive style to suit and strengthen children's educational success.

Linden House Nursery recognises that children learn best through play.

We understand that what children learn is important, but for us how children learn comes first, both in terms of our planning and our approach. It is therefore through play that we support children to build their confidence and independence. Through our interactions and planning we empower children to choose, to reason, reflect, imagine and empathise thus embedding the characteristics for effective learning both now and for the future.

In all play, there is a point when children can be supported by an adult to extend their thinking and learning. We call this a "teachable moment". It may come during a moment of sustained shared thinking, the key person sees an opportunity to help them extend their idea, achieving a new milestone. The Childs Key Person may have known this moment was imminent, it may be a pleasant surprise. Either way, they have the skills and the resources to support their child through this new experience and will use it to inform future opportunities for learning (a child's "Next Steps").

Families are an essential part of each child's learning journey. Linden House keeps you in the loop and encourages you to do the same. We use online leaning journals to log children's Next Steps, observations, assessments and some of your child's day whilst at nursery, families can access these on a desktop computer or mobile via an app. We also offer communication books which enables us to create a two way flow of information sharing creating more opportunities to support your children's learning and development needs.

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