Parent Forum

What is the parent forum?

The parent forum is a collection of interested parent/carers from across the nursery who work together to ensure that all the views of the parents are represented and to allow parents to work in partnership with the nursery and staff.

Why was it established?

It is important that parent/carers have the chance and the choice to be fully involved in discussions and decisions about your children’s development and learning. We all want what is best for your children and your unique knowledge and experience means that you have a key role to play in their education. So with this in mind and in order to develop another communication channel, ensure good practice and in recognition that you, the parents are your children’s primary carers and educators, we asked our parent/carers who would like to form a forum.

What is involved?

The majority of discussions will be held via Tapestry’s parent partnership forum. However we encourage a meeting to take place once a term, with an agenda in place. This allows both the parents and the nursery to raise pertinent issues and discuss what is best for your children.

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