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Why Run Language Groups?

The sessions are inclusive for all children in our setting and provide an opportunity to give focused support on Communication and Language to children within an environment that they are secure and comfortable in.
Lift off to Language groups develop a wide range of Communication and Language skills, including:

Children’s attention and listening skills
Children’s confidence levels
Children’s ability to interact with their peers
Children’s ability to follow simple instructions

As well as helping to support young children’s developing communication skills, ‘Lift Off to Language’ groups also aim to prevent difficulties from escalating to the point of needing specialist intervention later on, working to an early intervention and prevention model. Both of the ‘Lift Off to Language’ programmes we provide support the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) themes and principles.

Lift off to Language for our 2 Year olds

The age of 2 is a very important year for language development and sees a huge boost in both children’s understanding and talking. At Linden House we offer daily morning group sessions which provides the opportunity to support children’s attention and listening skills, social interactions, turn taking skills, comprehension and expressive language skills. Activities within the sessions are carefully planned for and are specifically designed to encourage our younger children to play and interact in a relaxed environment with a series of rhyme based games and activities using props, puppets, instruments and books to support their prime areas of learning and development in Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Communication and Language.
Each session begins by children being given a coloured foam mat to sit on. We then start the session with our “Hello” song and passing Kenny Koala the mascot around to each other and asking each individual child “how are you today”. Once this has been completed we will sing “Hello” to Kenny and he will then show the children an object or objects that will be part of the next activity. All activities will provide children with the opportunity to self - select, learn new words, take turns, express feelings, and help build confidence in communication and interactions within a group. Kenny will give the children special praise at the end of the activity and we will then sing the “goodbye” song to Kenny.

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Lift Off To Language For 3-4 Year Olds

Our ‘Lift Off to Language’ for 3-4 year olds is a programme of 6 sessions every half term, each lasting around 20 minutes and consists of a group of 4-6 children. The ‘Lift Off to Language’ for 3-4 year olds develops a wide range of Communication and Language skills, which include:

Children’s attention and listening skills
Children’s social awareness of others
Children’s confidence levels
Children’s ability to initiate and participate in conversation with peers
Children’s ability to follow instructions at a 2 or more word level
Breadth of vocabulary including verbs, prepositions and adjectives
Children’s ability to produce target speech sounds

Our sessions consist of carefully planned and targeted games and activities to support the development of our children’s comprehension and expression of various concepts, i.e prepositions, opposites and categories of vocabulary like animals, everyday objects and vehicles etc. The sessions include visual timetables, introduce simple rules and boundaries, attention and listening games like ‘Roll the Ball’, a concept game and a categorisation game using a variety of props, visuals, musical instruments and rhyme based activities. Children are encouraged throughout each session to join in conversations and talk about and share their own thoughts and experiences. Each session ends with our favourite ‘Train on the Track’ song, where our children take it in turns to join and form a train together. Every child will receive a certificate at the end of the 6 week programme.

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