We would like to nominate Adina. We are grateful for all the continued support with Elsie‚Äôs next steps. Thank you Adina!  Parent -S Hutchinson 

We like to nominate Adina as she has been super supportive and advisory with Yesenia's next steps and behaviour at nursery and home . Parent -M Leleko

We would like to nominate Adina please. She's so caring toward Scarlett. Scarlett had a few wobbles coming in to nursery the past few weeks when she's had time off for being poorly but she's been very happy to see Adina and its lovely to know she feels so safe and comfortable at nursery . Parent J Lowther

I have would like to nominate Adina as she has been a great at supporting management and taking on organisation of staffing in their absence. She has put to use her leadership skills to ensure that the nursery is well organised and runs efficiently. Staff - Natalie 

Adina has stepped up and worked brilliantly at covering managerial tasks in the absence some senior staff members. Staff - Lisa 

I have nominated Adina as she was fantastic at organising and deploying staff when some senior staff were absent. She showcased her leadership skills excellently. Staff -Marie