Here are some of the reasons why:
“I have nominated Sarah as she has been able to offer valuable support and advice regarding fundraising events for the nursery – she has also completed different sets of training to support her roles and responsibilities within the setting whilst carrying out her everyday duties as a key person and senior” Natalie

"I have nominated Sarah for how she completed termly overviews alongside staff - spending time discussing their key children alongside her other duties” Gemma

I would like to nominate Sarah this month as she is working really hard with her key children and also giving me lots of support in sharing management tasks” Kirsty
“I feel that Sarah is doing really well in supporting key children recognising their individual needs and how to support this and their development” Sarah L

“Sarah always goes the extra mile when asked to do something – she is also always extremely helpful when I am covering in the kitchen” Lisa

“I have nominated Sarah for being able to support the Manager when developing fundraising events via parent partnership for the nursery – offering advice and sharing her knowledge of how these types of events need to be conducted and offered” Marie