Here are some of the reasons why:
“I have nominated Aimee as she is working really hard to provide assessments and next steps that support her key children. She actively listens to advice sought on what she can do to improve her practice. She will implement ideas/tools shared with her to ensure she can support her key children’s learning and development” Natalie

"I have nominated Aimee as I feel she has settled really well into the team. She is trying really hard to learn new skills and is always happy to support staff. She is also completing her qualification in very different circumstances” Kirsty

“I would like to nominate Aimee as since she has started with us she has very quickly become a valued member of the team” Marie

“I have chosen Aimee as I feel she has coped very well with taking on key children. She is also very supportive of other staffs key children and of her colleagues” Amber

“I have nominated Aimee as she has settled into her key person role really well and settling in new children with sound next steps. She has also undertaken additional training in Lift off to Language and carried out effective and supportive sessions” Gemma

“I have nominated Aimee as she is always willing to go the extra mile to support staff in other rooms, she is also good at ensuring she shares key children information with staff from their parents”. Ciantelle